AY Fashions group return with Short film Shoots in Lira city -Top Magazine Lira

AY Fashions group return with Short film Shoots in Lira city -Top Magazine Lira


Alliance Youth Fashions, AY Fashions is a registered Community-based organization registered in the former Ojwina division now Lira city East division.

AY Fashions is a group dealing with nurturing and engaging the Youths together in line with their various talents given to them by nature. Over time AY has always been silent due to a number of house challenges but recently, the team came up with ideas to shoot short films to tell stories and teach the community through leaders David Kasaja and Brian Innocent Opio.

With the help of Cameras and other film equipment from Fotofast studio, the team is able to tell a 10-minute story with actors and actresses within their circle.

The first Short film the team is working on is the Entanglement series that features Everlyn Nyeko alias Eve jay a known social media influencer, Ongom Gerald Agreey alias, Jero Pix, a photographer and digital marketeer, Akello Farida Abdalla a sales agent with Solar Now, an Actress who featured in an Atonga Film production Series, Kampala.

The storytelling short film series is said to be featuring any willing bodies out there to act and calling upon the storytellers to help in places where the group is falling.

When you meet the Psycho woman and she sticks like glue on You, you feel like giving up on life and also leaving your whole home for the Psycho.

This is what the movie talks about when Eve jay acted as the Psycho and landed in the hands of a young hustling womanizer who later stuck to his home and wanted to get married by force.

Watch the first step of the shoot.