Lira City Artists misses Covid Relief and criticised their leaders of scam

Lira City Artists misses Covid Relief and criticised their leaders of scam


Lango Artists spokesperson, Mr. Dee finally clears the airwave on why Lira Artists missed Covid relief money.

Over the week Ugandans had been receiving Covid relief money worth shs. 100,000. from the government, whereas several people never received this money.

Through Luo Tune a Gulu-based blog website, we learned that Lira artists and many Lango artists never received this cash.

Many artists are said to have been tarnishing the names of Lango artists’ Leaders on social media for scamming them and collecting money from them in the names of submitting their names to the government.

Meanwhile talking to the spokesperson Odora Denis, alias Mr. Dee a love song artist, he denied the accusations of scam but rather admitted the money was at will.

“The list wasn’t denied, the TR never submitted the Link to the government”, said Mr. Dee.
He later told Top Magazine Lira that they misunderstood what the government wanted.

” We had registered Artists from all these 9 Districts.
The government had their plan for each district and municipality” said Mr. Dee.

The spokesperson admitted to us that they submitted the List of 180 artists to the City authority.

“When we submitted the list, the government officials told us that the list had too many artists.

They only needed people from Lira but we had submitted every artist from all the 9 Districts.

We got back to the reshuffle of which we came out with 180 people that even included the DJs and Promoters.

We submitted the list to the TR through the Town Clerk/City Clerk using the flash that contained the list of the DJs, Promoters, and the DJs of which they took our flash drive and told us to get the flash drive the following day”, Mr. Dee narrated.

Odora continued and told us that the list had not been entered into the database when they returned to the city council.

“Unfortunately, when we returned, the list had not been entered into the database of the sent list”, Said Mr. Dee.

He later admitted that they collected money from a few artists.

Left to Right: DJ Young Ug, Gen Ice, Blood Moon
Left to right: Prof. Maros, Dr. Aezzy, Mr. Dee and Gen. Ice

“We collected money from a few artists but this money was collected by willing bodies, less than 50 of the whole artists in Lira”, said the spokesperson of Lango Artists association.
He added that Blood moon was the one responsible for this collection which was to help in the movement and printery of the documents needed for the submission to the government through the City Clerk.

Mr. Dee continued and asked the artists to always be appreciative of what their leaders do for them.

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