Help Emily,(Not Real Names) fight her love issues.

Help Emily,(Not Real Names) fight her love issues.


I am 23yrs of age I had this boyfriend of mine I loved him so much,we always helped each other when we are stuck I developed so much love for him the way he showed me,he used to come to my place everyday n sleep over.

so one-day he opened up to me and told me he had a girl friend in their home district I never felt bad but after he told me they broke up with the girl so I believed they had no connection till she called one day I felt bad but I gave up cause of the love I had for him.

This the guy we never argue with but one day I ask him to come over n he told me he wasn’t, so we started exchanging words my mouth slipped I told him something bad but I never meant it,upto now this guy has failed to reason with me.

I can’t even move on,I feel like my world is torn apart, he is all I have.

I loved him, everyone talked to him he pretends to have forgiven me but he keeps telling me it’s over where do I start from I can’t just lose him like that, I don’t have a life anymore have apologized a hundred times.

Help me Please.