STOP indulging “friends” in matters of your love life! – Kas D

STOP indulging “friends” in matters of your love life! – Kas D


Take this from a guy who has seen it first hand… My good folk..

Stop bringing people into your relationship, it doesn’t matter at all when they were not part of it from the start.

It will take you a very long time to believe me.. But trust me when I say..

Most of the people you trust with the power to sway your decisions actually are envious of the very relationship your fussing about!

Dear women.. When your boyfriend in the confines of privacy asked YOU to be his woman.. He didn’t include Eve & Diana or even Grace as part & parcel of that union! Trust me when I say men don’t trust their friends with information about what happens behind closed doors with you! They already know your value & are aware that their friends see it too & if they had a chance..

They’d want to have you for themselves… But this isn’t true for women.. You’re going to talk about literally everything. How he sleeps. How weak he can get. How soft he is. Etcetera to the point your friends know your man just as much as you do…
Dear women learn this… Their 3 types of friends you have. The 1st is ur “bestie”… She is literally ur diary.. She knows you from the inside out.. She’ll pretend for you. She’ll defend you & will keep all your secrets under lock & key.. Her greatest problem is.. She will ALWAYS side with you..

Even when you are wrong because of her.. “All men will come. Go. Come again & go.. & it will still be u & her. She can never tell you straight in your face that you are making a mistake lest u question her loyalty… The second kind of friend is the “partner in crime” friend. She’s a joyrider.. Nothing binds u both like fun.. To her.. Ur boyfie is strict.. Not fun..

So she will do all she can to bring u & her that thrill of adrenaline from making mistakes & never talking about them.. That’s why she’s ur partner in crime.. Trust me.. These crimes will one day spill into ur relationship… So the day u tell her about a problem. Her solution will be “Remember George the fun guy?… I prefer him.. He’d treat u better.. His more fun..” Chances are.. You’ll listen to what she says. After all.. She “sounds” like she’s making sense.

The third type of friend is a cunning one. She makes more sense.. Her reasoning is very logical. She seems to have your best interests at heart. You don’t talk much really. She’s your better & she wants you to swim in the same waters as she.

Her choice of a man for you is “better” than your current “according to” to her. You’ll see sense in all she says & you will take a swing at it at the very first chance you get…..
The biggest problem with this is… Time after losing the man you once held with high regard.. for a replacement of an advanced choice of your dream. If you are unlucky with your choice…

You will realize that the best person you should have told how you felt was the very same man you talked about with those friends because at the end of the day… It’s just you & your conscience that remains because they too are bonded to one another. Just be careful whom you talk to. My advice is.. First, talk to him before you hang him dry with those “friends”. They might end up not being the answer you need.

A woman who cannot talk to me first isn’t worth having me coz #lamMyOwnMotivation.

David Ramzy is my name

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