NIRA to use the Local Government structure to bring their services closer to People.

NIRA to use the Local Government structure to bring their services closer to People.


National identification and Registration Authority of Uganda, NIRA has released a structure of operation to equip people without National IDs during this Pandemic.

NIRA’S plan to bring services closer to the people using the existing Local Government Structures

a) NIRA shall distribute national identity card registration/enrollment forms to L.C I Chairpersons or request those who can to pick the forms from the nearest NIRA offices. They shall be given not more than 20 registration forms at a given time. The L.Cโ€™s shall identify themselves with a National ID, provide their telephone contacts and sign for all the forms received.

b) Unregistered persons without NINโ€™s shall thereafter be requested to pick registration/enrollment forms from their respective L.C I Chairpersons, have them correctly filled in and attach the necessary supporting documents.

c) The L.C I shall be charged with the responsibility of presenting the enrollment forms to the Parish Internal Security Officer (PISO) or the Gombolola Internal Security Officer (GISO) for verification and approval.

d) When 20 registration/enrollment forms have been filled and verified by the PISO or GISO, the L.C I Chairpersons will then notify NIRA who will come at a given date and time to register all the 20 people who would have filled in the registration/enrollment forms, at the nearest school playground or Polling Station within the jurisdiction of the L.C I.

e) The conduct of the registration shall be undertaken in strict compliance with the COVID 19 Standard Operating Procedures as announced by H.E the President and the Ministry of Health. It is the reason we are restricting registrations to only 20 people at a given time (registration cycle)