WHO IS MR BERRY? Know your Celebrity.

WHO IS MR BERRY? Know your Celebrity.


Qn. Who is Mr. Berry ?

Ans. My real names are Odongo Joe , am from Alebtong District.

Started Music in 2016.

Qn.  what was your first song?

Ans. Leave way, Produced by Laz beats, it’s found on YouTube, so you can as well subscribe on my YouTube Channel so that you don’t miss anything. The Channel name is Mr. Berry Music https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkM-vR5VW08_CFWfwmqNOqg

Qn. When you compare how you started, are there improvements in the Music you have made so far?

Ans. My current songs are better than how I started music way back.

Qn. Are you dating?

Ans. I am not

Qn. Do you get disturbed by girls or attracted to girls.

Ans. There are many girls of course after me.

Qn. Tell us about the one you are eying right now?

Ans. No way, I can’t disclose that to you.

Qn. What inspired tyene tye?

Ans. This song tyene tye is just a love song that when you feel and see love around us, we get inspired and that’s the main inspiration behind tyene tye song. I brought the song to encourage Lovers out there.

Qn. Where do you work?

Ans. I work with Yendoson 51 electronics and bags Centre, located inside bus park Lira.

Qn. How has the Pandemic affected your music?

Ans. This pandemic has affected everyone of course but the situation with me, it has not affected me badly since, I at least had what to do as I was doing Music as a side business.

Music in Lango must be appreciated so that an artist can be ready to save what he gets from music performance. Music is not about drugs and no one has to have his head filled with alcohol in order to sing.

Music is about sending the message out there and an artist has to bring something that his parents would also appreciate in the Long run.

Qn. You said an artist as not to drink or take weed to sing, so do you drink?

Ans. No. When I was in Hot soup Entertainment, the CEO Mr. Maros Atine told me, “Music is about respect and you don’t need to drink”, and up to now I am following what he had told me way back. I don’t take drugs to get lyrics, music is Talent. I got influenced by Profesa Maros and I was his number 1 fun, I saw the same talent in me and I made one song then joined Hot soup Entertainment.

Qn. How do you handle producers who demand for Alcohol to produce you a good music.

Ans. I go to studios to produce my song and I pay fully, not to buy alcohol for any producer.

Qn.  Do you have a manager or signed under a record label?

Ans. Yeah, right now I have Madoro Promoter as my manager.

Qn. You had been with Claire Music Empire and what happened?

Ans. When a child grows, he’s given something to handle himself, right now and up to tomorrow, am working with Starboy Douglas, “PROMOTER MADORO”, as my promoter but with time I will look into making a documentation with him to grow bigger and better.

Qn. How many Songs do you have?

Ans. I have 7 Songs but some are collaborations. They actually include, Leave way the first one, Imega, Bedo kic with Mr. Pop, Nya Luo, Timi, Police brutality with  , Miti Keni which is a collabo with Mr. Dee and Jaymaphy Atin Ker , Nen Anyim and the latest one being Tyene tye.