Northern Uganda’s celebrated social media influencer, Trona alias Megatron has taken to her Facebook timelines appreciating her followers and those who stood with her during the fight of burying her mother.

It has been a week now that her “mother” passed on and the whole entire Northern Uganda bloggers and influencers mourned with her.

Her words on Facebok.

My heartfelt appreciation to you all 🙏You have been extremely supportive through this difficult time. I could not have gotten through it alone 🙏Your support has made me a stronger person and I will forever be grateful. Can’t mention all your names but just know you are one of the most generous people I know. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Mummy was laid to rest yesterday. Eternal peace be unto her 🙏We love you mummy and will forever miss you. Be smiling for us 😘💞💞💞❤️😍

Rest in Peace Mother to our Socilite.

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