Lango’s Kiri hit maker and top producer of all times Brazen has hit the road and ready to disturb the city with his music, under new management, Humble Talent.

Talking to Daniel Okello alias Dj Khazo today 4th June 2021, he told us they have so far recorded a half an album and ready to hit the airwaves anytime soon.

“We have recorded so many songs and hoping for collaborations in this new month, I have contacted Drecko Helpa and he has accepted to work with us,” says Khazo, Brazen rule’s manager.

Khazo and Brazen rule signs up a contract of management

When asked on the artist they are looking at to do collaborations, Khazo could not open up so clear about this except giving us only one artist who is ready for business being , Drecko.

Drecko Helpa ready to Shoot the airwaves with Brazen Rule

He continued and said the produced songs will be uploaded to all music platforms and also intend to make money.

“I believe by the end of this year, my brand together with Brazen rule will be at greater heights”, say Khazo

Talking more on collaboration with his Artists, he said all he needs from the artists that intends to do collaboration is patience and respect.

With all these, we expect Brazen rule to be back and on top of the chat if all the plans Khazo has explained is put into Practice.

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