If you choose A WORKING WOMAN, you must accept that she CANNOT manage house full time.

If you choose A HOUSEWIFE who can take care of and manage the household completely, you need to accept that she DOES NOT MAKE MONEY.

If you choose a SUBMISSIVE WOMAN, you should accept that she DEPENDS on you.

If you choose to be with a STRONG BRAVE WOMAN, you need to accept that she is STUBBORN and has her own thoughts and ways.

If you choose a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, you need to accept all the EXPENSES.

If you choose to be with A GREAT/CAREER WOMAN,you must also accept that she is HARD and FIRM.

If you choose A DADDY’S GIRL, get ready to pamper her and treat her like a baby.

A woman has her own “GOOD THING” that defines who she is and makes her unique.

Go for what you can tolerate.


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