The 3 robbers including a woman who disguises as NWSC employees and strangled a Chinese national in a footage that went viral last week have been arrested, Police in Kampala have confirmed

Kampala Metropolitan Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire confirmed that the “incident happened on March 31 in a residence located at Lower Estate Endinburg Avenue, Kyambogo, Kampala.”

According to Owoyesigire, three men and a lady dressed as NWSC workers took hostage a home cook and a maid, and robbed money from the house.

The goons can be seen pretending to be checking a water meter as the owner of the residence, a Chinese national, showed them around.

Meanwhile today it has been confirmed that the thieves have been arrested by the Uganda Police force in a Saturday night raid at the suspected premises of the suspects by the security agencies together with the Uganda Police force.

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