Lira city Authority has temporarily suspended works at a site construction belonging to one prominent business man Geoffrey Ojore after the collapse of a part which was being excavated leaving two casual workers injured this morning at 9am.

This happened at the recently demolished site opposite KCB Bank along Obote Avenue, at around 9 am leaving two buried by murram although they were safely rushed to the hospital.

Fredy Owiny the city’s Engineer told our reporter that the collapse was caused by lose soil due to the heavy downpour last night. Owiny also blamed the construction engineers for not putting in place protection for the site.

Okello Dan and Okello Ivan being removed from the collapsed murram at the construction site

The North Kyoga regional Police spokesperson James Ekaju said they identified the victims as Dan Okello Dan and Ivan Okello. He also continued and said the two were rushed to the hospital and are in stable condition.

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