Luo’s proclaimed love songbird Jay Maphy last year released a single dubbed Romeo and Juliet produced by Badman Nerio.
Link for the two Songs.
Romeo and Juliet


Lovinjitis by Wizboy Ofuasia ft Teeyah

Wizboy Ofuasia

Then of late about a month ago, Jaymaphy released a video of the song that almost took him to prison with the accusations by the parent of the vixen claiming the girl is. minor to appear in such a Music video.

Let’s cut the story short.

If you listen to the song satisfactorily and compare it to, “Lovinjitis by We tried “, then to be honest here, there is no much difference though Nerio tried his best to reproduce the instrumentals of Romeo and Juliet with very rare Melodies that will trigger many of you out there to claim the song being best of RnB songs of 2021.

We are yet to expect this latest release, “Koyo Logic”, and go through it carefully as we understand whether it’s not on the same page as Romeo and Juliet.

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