Help Me Out, Today is me and tomorrow is another person or you.

Hello everyone here, my name is Ruth (Not Real names). I had been in a relationship for quite a long time now with my boyfriend Jona.

we have lived for 3 years now and when we started dating, I had everything a woman would ever dream about in her early 20’s.

I am 26 years of age right now and making 27 years in July. Let’s get straight to the point.

I and Jona started dating when I was finishing my diploma at Unyama NTC while Jona is a plumber with one company in Gulu.

In my life, I wanted a child so badly when Jona told me he wasn’t ready for a child and every time I ask him out to know more about him, he denies everything.
The closer I get to know about him through his friends, the more I get to the edge of the Axe.

Two years into our lives, I got pregnant for him when he embraced it after knowing I was 5 months pregnant.

when I delivered a baby girl, Jona started giving me more distances with hesitations that he wanted to concentrate on his work.

I got patient until recently that I realized Jona had been all along hiding away the fact that he has got another wife outside there.

Jona was of course married to a woman named Joan years before we met, and Joan is said to be having 3 children.

I knew all this when Joan decided to call me asking if we could me. I asked her how she knew me and she told me, through Facebook

I remembered posting my pic with Jona online and I think Facebook inlaws shared the pic with Joan and that’s how I knew the story.

Jona never introduced me to any of his family members but I followed him up and reached his mother and father only to realize Jona is an orphan with only his mother and the wife, Jona has is the only woman the family wants right now.

I don’t know what to do now, Jona has refused to take care of us ever since I lost my job at the school where I was working due to the long Pregnancy leave I had.

Right now I am helpless with the baby being young and sometimes not enough milk for her, so there would be no money to buy her Milk.
I need help.

I can’t go home, my family is so hard for someone to understand my story. They took me to school without a child and am going back home with a child of a married man with whom they have never seen.

A man who is not going to marry me come rain or sunshine.
Even if he’s ready to marry me now, I don’t want to be a co-wife to Joan for how she threatened and beat me when we met.

I am so frustrated and I can not think for myself right now.

I need help.

Help me Top Magazine Lira Family.

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