Due to the hardship of the pandemic, a number of gifted people had been paving themselves ways emerging better promoters, DJs and Artists and proving awesomeness better than their fore fathers.

During lockdown, bars started operations as Restaurants and of course Club Angels Royale too operated on a low key where Khazo was hosting the evening breeze.

Situations didn’t seem well for him seeing alot of deejays in the house.
Meanwhile with close sharing, Khazo recognised Ford being the only dj to replace him.

“The only dj to take my title is  DJ Ford From  Don Millions Entertainment & Robling Promotions, and with my best i will support him with all my nest for him to be big in the industry like i am”, says Khazo DJ.

According to our research, deejaying is just passion to Ford and Education is taking his time which is okey though the game doesn’t wait for chances to knock twice.

DJ Ford – Courtesy Photo

We believe Ford is good but no, why is he not taken into these bars operating one of these days? Or the management is just one weak piece of Shxxt to grab gigs for their boys?

Hell nooooo, Management Donn millions , wake up right here on your djs and how u guys are handling the games.

Let that be first, imagine these djs don’t have new songs of their own Artists from the label, 🤣🤣🤣🤣😃

Meanwhile bravo for the video you guys released lately for Hovets Wrthe and T’worthy wylerz music #.. Yes we mean be nice to me🤣🤣🤣🤣

Wait, did we say Hovets and Wyler?
No its Wyler and HOVETS…

This kid is being taken down by …. Relax story is for another day on Hovets.

By Opio Brian Innocent

Content Creator, Blogger, Digital Marketeer, and Social media Influencer from Lira, Uganda

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