It has come to our notice that a number of DJs in Lira have resorted to keeping their names on ground as they play music in Bars and lounge for pays below 20,000/= Per Session of more than 4hours.

Talking to senior DJs and entertainers around town, they responded to this as they said, “The lowest price a DJ can get is 50,000/= excluding drinks and food, transport for the day in for that particular DJ”.

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DjAnkoFiffz said he’s looking forward to meeting the other top DJs together with other legends in the entertainment industry where they will discuss issues and host the officials of DJs association of Uganda, DJAU to help in the matter.

Meanwhile Dj Raxcy who has given up on djaying in Lira has said, Music is one top priority that takes people to Bars but our upcoming DJs are messing with pricing yet the Equipment are way too expensive to buy and maintain.

He added that DJs in Lango has failed to get under one umbrella for a standard price rate.

Shame on us.

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