Do anything for money except going to the witches to get wealth or fame.

Brick laying is one of the activities carried out extensively by people around swamps. It is the greatest source of income for the youths in such areas where as farming was one of the activities though government interventions blocked swamp farming.

Meanwhile in the suburbs, a great deal of our Celebrities during lockdown could hardly find ways of surviving due to concentration in either Music and deejaying or MC, where none of them had side businesses to help them push forward.

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During lockdown, one of these celebrities was seen using face covers to hide identity in building sites where he was working as a potter. This is not okay when you fail to identify who you are or how you chose to live a life.

Accept who you are out there and stop living a a borrowed life you can’t afford.

By Opio Brian Innocent

Content Creator, Blogger, Digital Marketeer, and Social media Influencer from Lira, Uganda

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