Kayoola Bus launch paused business in Lira city.

Kayoola Bus launch paused business in Lira city.


Business today, 11th /03/2021 morning was at a standstill around Lira city as revealers stand to watch the newly produced bus, Kayoola made in Uganda.

A number of people gathered at Lira city council full of excitement after a Ugandan-made Kayoola Solar Bus registration number UBJ720H arrived at around 11 am in Lira city council Hall.

Photo by Brian Innocent Opio – Wan Luo Tv

Kayoola is said to have been manufactured by Kiira Motors Corporation with a capacity of 47 seats designed for Diesel consumption and long distances. This bus consumes only 22 liters every 100kms and it has a tank that stores 500 liters. You can go 2,000km with no need to refuel.

Mr. Allan Muhumuza, the director marketing and sales for Kiira Motors Corporation, while Addressing journalists in front of Lira City Council premises, today afternoon after a road drive with the Ugandan made  bus around lira city appreciated the City Authority and as well as the city dwellers.

The bus has been built in Uganda by Ugandans for Ugandans, however we are on this grant expedition of north and eastern Uganda which started on Tuesday the 9th of this month, we were in west Nile where they have received us massively in Packwach, Nebbi and Arua City.  Yesterday we were in Gulu and today we are in Lira city heading to Soroti, Muhumuza said.

He also appreciated the people of Northern Uganda especially Lira city for being so patriotic.

Excited people around Lira bus Park reacting to the new bus, Kayoola in Lira City.

Mr. Muhumuza said: “Kira Kiira Motors Corporation is a state enterprise that was established to champion the value addition of the automatic Motor industry in Uganda for the jobs creation and diversification of the economy in line with vision 2040.

Mr. Government allocated 100cres of land to the Jinja industry and business park for the establishment of the Kira Vehicle plan, which is under construction by national enterprise cooperation.

 “The Kayoola vehicle we have brought today has a tank that stores 500 litres. You can go 2,000km use 38 litres per 100kms its main doors open and close automatically it has sanitizer dispenser at the bus entrance and also detects human hands and sprays them,” Mr. Allan told press.

Mr. Muhumuza, further said: “The price of each bus unit is yet to be revealed to the public to determine whether it is competitive compared to the existing brands on the market.

“We expect our production of vehicle at about 5,000 vehicles per year which will be estimated to about 22 vehicle per day. Kiira Motors Corporation plans to produce 1,030 buses this year,” he added.

The interime Mayor Lira City enters the Kayoola bus at the launch in Lira city council.

Mike Ogwang Veve, the Interim mayor Lira City welcomed the innovation in Lira city saying the innovation out of Kiira Motors is a great idea since Uganda had been importing buses from Kenya.

Veve continued advising the government to stop depending on other countries.

Lira has the most travelers to the capital Kampala and the coming of Kayoola will improve on the mode of travelling in the city, added Veve.

Samuel Brown Ogwok, the assistant inspector of Schools Lira, appreciated how Kiira Motors created the wonderful bus for the very first time in Uganda and more so Lira city.

Samuel brown also added that the bus is in comparable with other buses due to the comfort of the travelers and also how it contains the toilet system and the air conditioning.

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