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According to an interview with James Omara Elem on 94.3 Q FM Lira, in a morning show dubbed, ‘Yite Twolo”, The minister of health  Dr Jane Ruth Aceng  advised women to respect men more especially the married ones to respect their husbands.

She later added that the gender based violence which is so rampant in the country is now sided to both Men and Women.

“The government has brought in programs to curb down gender based violence through so many government ministries but, all these cannot work without the people involved” Dr Jane Ruth Aceng. This all can be done through togetherness, and respect from both parties.

She later thanked the people of Lango for voting her and also believing in her.

“I promised to bring the first vaccination to Lango, but the first vaccination will be in Kampala at Mulago of which I apologies for all these but am sure the people of Lango will be in position to receive the same service like any other part of the country”, said Jane Ruth.

She later added that the vaccination shall be carried out in ONLY government hospitals for proper accountability as guided by the Ministry of Health.

Jane Ruth also advised Lango to stand together and Love one another as this would be a sign of a new move to a new Lango.

“Today being a women’s day, the theme of the day is building the strength of women in the community. We have to celebrate this day with love, as we respect our women and women also to respect their men”, She concluded.

Credit. Q FM Lira

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