Water still on high demand in the whole city with lots of struggles almost at all springs, boreholes and wells in and outside the City.

The area manager of National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), Mr Gerazio Tukahirwa last week said in an interview with the daily monitor Journalist, Frank Okot saying they are in the process to rectifying their Tanks that would be able to supply the whole city without any lag without power sags.

Residents suffering to get water at Kirombe Spring /pipe water as a result of Water Shortage in Lira City 2021 , Photo by Isaac Otwii.

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Mr Tukahirwa said whenever there is power outage, they operate at half capacity and this affects their production.“If there is no power,  I run at half capacity, but the demand has doubled. So, now I need more than 10,000 cubic metres of water (10,000 million litres) but my pump can only give me 7,000 million litres per day,” Mr Tukahirwa told Daily Monitor at his office on Wednesday.

 He said NWSC can now only produces half of 7,000 million litres of water per day.

 â€œA day without power costs me a lot. It will now take me another three to four days to stabilise the network,” Mr Tukahirwa said.

He, however said by Thursday, the entire Lira City will start getting water.

 There are 12,000 connections in the city serving 80,000 consumers. 

 Mr Tukahirwa said they have procured powerful generators and pumps and once the installation is completed in three months, their production capacity will improve.

 He said their ongoing projects include the purchase and installation of four new pumps of 300 cubic metres per hour and three new pumps of flow 280 cubic metres per hour.

Electricity had also been seen as another cause of Water shortages since there is need for Power the Pumps to Work.

Meanwhile days have gone down the road when there is no change in the chain of water supply in the city whereas business has become hectic in all sectors.

Water is life.

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