Some of you out there has always been noticing the airwaves booming with a one radio presenter, Big Josh at Radio Lira 95.3 but later on there was no music coming out of Big Josh Akalamity.

Sources says the radio presenter has always been mistaken to be the “Kin ping” hit maker but none the less, Akalamity confirms to us that the gentleman in question is just a fake scammer trying to use his names to gain fame.

Akalamity has always been undergrund during the lockdown with his games of music but lately after returning back to Lira City, he released a Gospel Hit dubbed, “Gin Obanga Otio Pira”.

Gin Obanga Otio Pira is one of the greatest song of the year as claimed by funs, but we are yet to confirm from quite a lot of people from this comments.

Big Josh Akalamity, how far do you think you will go when you already have people using the same names?

How best do you think you will go far when you already have the same names in the same industry?

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