Lango Entertainment Award, LEA has finally come to pass with an award giving ceremony that was done online at Radio Unity Studios Lira City.

Negative Words of unfairness came from a number of fans in Lango after the award passed days later.

Ronald Moto a one radio personality in Lango out busted his concern saying that Lango Entertainment Award, LEA has to be sued for not conducting their win list appropriately.

Moto’s Post on Facebook

“Beepee’s Makmot did not deserve the award and for sure, that Award belong to Jaymaphy’s CHOGO LANGETA” Said Ronald Moto in a Facebook Post.

Moto continued and criticized the Team on how Luo News anchors were nominated.

“Talk of Luo News Anchor of the year and don’t even mentioned Otoo Billie, Bruno Aliga and Rolex Akena Ogwal”, criticized Moto who expected his choice of news anchors to be in the LEA List.

Moto just like any other had not been contented with the award and is hopping for changes in the next future.

“You have been speaking badly about late the Mzee B, but when he died he was given an award, even coco finger deserves it, are you people still waiting to reward him when he is dead”, Moto continued to Criticize.

In deed LEA organizers deserve to be sued in court.


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