Valentine’s day has come and passed, when Normal ways of life of the stingy men gets better after they ran away from their family love responsibilities.

Here comes rumours following a facebook Post by a one radio personality, B-Shop Dokkie Echel who told her fans, she’s #NYa Luo.

All minds click to Mr. Berry’s Song #Nya Luo whenever someone comes in claiming to be Nya Luo like Dokkie came out telling to her followers.

Hold on, but why would even one think this way? It’s just a song anyway and all ladies are legible to saying what they feel like Echel is trying to tell the world she’s a proud Girl from Luo Land actually not dating if am to rethink here.

Dokkie’s Post on Facebook

NYA LUO ENE BAA👌Weekend already Here and I know people are eagerly waiting 🤗 for Couple’s day……Hey if you don’t have one just chill and relax. It’s just a day😳🤗🙄Happy Weekend

Trying to connect to B-shop, she was shocked by what people are thinking about with her going after Mr. Berry.

I just posted the picture not even thinking of that though I understand that people always want to know who am dating dear so am surprise at all. I will introduce one anytime 😊🤗😳

Bishop Responded

Meanwhile Mr. Berry said he’s not in position to say anything to the fans but rather when her gets time to respond, he will make a call to TOP MAGAZINE LIRA.

With this story we can not jump to conclussion and say the two are dating but this photograph they had together with their tooth out seems to tell the two are exchanging Saliva in the dark.

What’s your say?

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