The love song bird was today reported to have been arrested by the police following a report made to the law authorities pertaining the appearance of one video vixen in his latest music video Romeo and Juliet.

The girl in question is said to have been kissed in the video of which there is no evidence in the video that the girl in question had been kissed.

Unconfirmed information says that parents of the girl said Atin Ker did not seek permission from them and the girl being under aged can not consent herself for such a video.

Trying to reach Jaymaphy went wasted as his uncle was the only person we could reach to for more information.

His uncle told Jaymaphy’s Closest friend , Gabriel Latezi that the Parents to the girl needed 1 Million of which they have managed to raise shs. 500.000 and a balance of shs. 500.000.

Jaymaphy is said to have been taken to Oy Central Police station.

More information about the arrest is yet to be confirmed.
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