The Reggae vocalist is yet to throw out a brand new Love song with Uganda’s celebrated Reggae Producer, Gamit on Valentines Day.

Obongo Ambrose stormed the studios late December last year only to end up recording this so anticipated song.

Fans all over Uganda are predicting the song to be on top of the chart among reggae tracks produced in January and February this years.

Good Ambrose is well know for his reggae style of art and for his debut song Alito where he rose to fame.

So far so good he has always been the best reggae vocalist in Lango and promissing to cross boarders to the capital.

It could be fore told that joining Capstone Music is one of the paths that has opened eyes to Good ambrose , but then this is not yet the story when Covid-19 is still here hitting the entertainment industry.

However much Covid 19 takes the industry, a number of Artists in Northern Uganda had not been on the put to waiting for the situation to calm and non the less with Good Ambrose.

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