Atin Lango Jaspher, Amazed Reggae Fans with his Graphics design.

In the recent “I Love you” song cover art challenge that happened a head of the song’s release, Atin Lango happened to be the flag holder in the challenge after impressing a number of Good Ambrose, Gamit and Anko Fiffz’s fans.

” I love you” is a song done by Good Ambrose and Gamit a one producer from the Capital of Uganda well known for his strings on reggae beats at Taitanium Rekords.

The song’s official Art paraded social media and got attentions from a number of Graphic Designers all over Uganda.

Many Designers such as Hohgi, Elvis, Brashan, Joss Wonders, Payasam among others participated in the Challenge with Passion.

Meanwhile Job Enon also known as DJ Anko Fiffz the Director and team Leader Capstone Music Inc. brought in a Challenge with the Art work from Brashan Art and the whole news spread to a number of Designers motivating Atin Lango Jaspher to joining the Challenge.

Lango gave his best in the race and got a lot of attentions from the fans of Reggae Music and Dj Anko Fiffz.

Lango had always been a practitioner underground working as a Television programmer and Visual creator since 2018.

One of the Designers later talked to us and said, art is one of the ways of communications in this new world but when not well paid for, can demoralize the Industry.

Northern Uganda had always had the best Designers but the rest are living underground, as if they are scared of what the would would bring to them. The rest of the designers don’t want to work together to influence other upcoming designers but rather they accept to work under low cost payment .

A designer talked to us responding to the Challenge.

This kind of Challenge could be one of the best ways to market a particular Brand in a growing city Like Lira.

Hope this makes a change n the baby City come this 2021

Atin Lango Jaspher
Elvis Art - Rema Gfx
Payasam Art
Hohgi Shots Art
Jose Wonders