Some men trashes and abuse women with stretch marks before asking themselves if their mothers have it or not.

The thing is, there is a painful story of a warrior behind those marks you always see on these women out there.

There may be so many ways to teach a woman than laying your hands on them, putting abusive words that deprive them and if you’re a boy that grew up in a domestic violent home, challenge it, by setting a new positive life toward the negativity on the feminine gender.

What you will never run away is taking responsibility, as a man you may deny the pregnancy but these things keep hunting you for the rest of your life. Even the good always follow your generations for good however no one bothers to appreciate you when you are still a live for the rest of your days but it shall remain there.

So what about the bad you do that all gets to point fingers at you so fast?

As a young girl, even your family may deny you at that point you need them the most but, please keep that baby for it’s a measure of your strength. There is no way you can let go when you have started a journey that will lead to your destiny.

God has his whole story written for you out there my sister, Live Just.

I write this today from the bottom of my heart to appreciate all women reading this and to tell you happy valentine early enough, some of you instead of enjoying will be having painful flash back, mostly to the single mothers or heartbroken ones.

Take Courage and forget the past ever existed, even though great thinkers says, the past brings the future. So it is us to live through our past and make the future come true by what comes as amends.

But the gift of life today is the greatest of all and if long life is what you want, just let it go forgive and challenge the devil by living a happy life.

Written by MC DOGO the Destiny – Boy from the streets to fame. And edited by Brashan

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