The paramount vocalist well known for his Abonyo otingere, ovacado songs, Mr. Maros Atine alias Profesa Maros finally grabbed a 3 year management deal with Ghetto Prince, former manager to Beniman Mzee B, RIP of 2 stars entertainment.

The two today Saturday 6th, February signed a memorandum of understanding in the presence of the Media personalities in Lira City.  Meanwhile in the MOU, anything to do with Profesa Maros musically will be handle by manager prince.

Ghetto prince opened up to the media his ambitions towards raising up the flag of Luo Music higher.

They say Legends never die but reign and indeed the death of Beniman is a great loss to the industry however in his last words he said the only capable person to reign after him is Profesa Maros and that’s why today I am ready to put pen to paper.

Said Manager Prince.

Prince added that the management deal will not interfere with Maros’ record label, Hot Soup Entertainment and he is not ready to mix him with 2Stars entertainment but rather take Maros alone.

Manager Prince also advised other upcoming artists not to rush into wanting to become big as he said Music industry is like a journey that keeps growing with time.

“My dear artists out there, please be patient and humbled towards the journey that you have started putting in minds that the rest of the legends that rose to fame never got a one day move to fame but rather went gradually to their path of fame and that should be an example towards your success”, advised Ghetto Prince.

Meanwhile towards the sign off of the MOU, Dorcus Akullo Ecel a radio personality of 97.7 Unity FM bared a witness as the two came to an agreement.

Akullo being the only female accepted to be the witness in the signing of the 3 years management deal because of the love she has for the Karamojong hit maker.

Best of Luck Maros and Manager Prince.

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