In 2016, Chris Obore the director communication at Parliament blocked Agnes Nandutu and colleagues from covering Parliament, for they lacked Bachelors degrees in journalism.

Meanwhile in along attempt and rivals to enter Parliament, a number of head to head came in as Agnes became Obore’s touch.

“Don’t devalue anybody in this life. You may be powerful today but time is more powerful than you,” Nandutu Agnes noted.

Today, Agnes Nandutu is an MP awaiting swearing in, after long struggles as she was busy into local council leadership and refurbishing her papers.

Meanwhile, Chris Obore kept humiliating many people as he was serving the community at Parliament and among which was Jingo a senior reporter with NTV Uganda in 2019 during EALC.

Obore is said to be in Bukedea rearing chicken as he awaits to exit Parliament this May 2021.

Moral of the story:

  1. When you’re in a position of honor and privilege, remember that your duty is to serve. Remember, you’re not necessarily the best of men or women, but you’ve been favoured to be in a position of honor and privilege.
    Serve in humility.
  2. Allow critics to correct the mistakes in your life like Nandutu Agnes did and had to be the host of Community Parliament on NTV.
  3. Patience pays your more than anything, as it pains endure.

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