For the last 2 weeks Okello Daniel Mugisha alias DJ Khazo had been moving around city Hangouts with security men, bouncers.

Rumours got into the Air saying at first Khazo had been beaten up for no Reasons getting to his actions on acquiring the security men.

Today Khazo finally cleared the airwaves saying he decided to get bouncers just for  his safety.

“Other people try to provoke me but when I have these security men, I don’t get involved and mess things up and when you have security men, you are in your own lane and this should not affect anyone out there”, said DJ Khazo in a WhatsApp note interview.

He also continued and said his bouncers are so peaceful and no one should fear him because of these bouncers.

“My  bouncers have been so peaceful and have taught them not to fight but to talk to anyone who wants to cause avoc around me incase”, Khazo continued.

So much of threats has always got many celebrities acquiring security men and we hope the same situation has not gotten this far.

What’s your say here upon Khazo’s move on acquiring Security men?
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