Ousted Nairobi County Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has lashed out at President Uhuru Kenyatta over claims that he helped him clinch the top city’s job.

Speaking on Monday morning during an interview with Kikuyu vernacular stations, the President admitted to influencing Sonko’s unceremonious removal from office through impeachment.
The head of state said Sonko’s style of leadership almost brought service delivery within the county to a halt.

But in a hard-hitting statement on Monday afternoon, Sonko rubbished the President’s claims saying his removal from office was nothing but a political witch-hunt.
“For the record, it is NOT Uhuru Kenyatta who made me the Governor of Nairobi. I was validly elected by close to one million residents of Nairobi, garnering more votes than the President himself, and Governors are NOT Presidential appointees, ” Sonko, who also took issue with the President’s interview with vernacular stations, said.

“When I assumed office in 2017, I inherited a badly run-down city that held an endemic culture of stealing public resources at the expense of services delivery, a culture that was initiated by the President’s half-sister Margaret Kenyatta when she was the Mayor of Nairobi in 1970-1976, ” he added.

“It is from that time that public lands and utilities were stolen with wanton abandon, zoning laws and policies disregarded with impunity, and many other vices became the hallmark of the operations of City Hall.”
He claimed to have worked hard to crush Nairobi cartels after assuming office as the city’s second governor.

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