The Canadian singer was indeed the darling of many in her days of glory. She was the queen of Melody and her vocals stood out from the rest. Celine was basically gifted and talented.

There is no big stage in this world that Celine hasn’t moved the crown with her beautiful and sweet songs.

Every part of the world that she performed you would think she was a native there, the way the crowd sing along her songs.

Consequently, this has forced Celine to spill the bean on what is ailing her. And this is what Celine had to say on her Instagram fan page. She confessed to her fans that she is actually suffering from a very disabling macular degeneration. She further explained that it is a disease of the retina. She said that the disease may appear when one gets to 50 years and that it considerably affects the patient’s eyesight. Unfortunately the damage is incurable the treatment can only slow the progression of the disorder.

That is way Celine Dion is growing Soo thin by the day.

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