Dr.Jane Ruth Aceng ,Uganda’s health minister has announced that the Government had procured water boat and road intensive care ambulancees.She announced on her social media handles that the ambulances have arived in the country.

The state of the art ambulances will cover islands such as Kalangala, Buvuma among others and ensure timely access to medical care for the communities

The Minister said on her Facebook page “

We have also received 2 type C road ambulances that was part of the Government procured batch.

The newly arrived ambulances have inbuilt critical care equipment like ventilators, resuscitators etc that can provide ICU support” she further announced.

According to Acheng, the additions are a great boost to our already existing fleet of ambulances. The minister adds that the Ministry of Health is setting up Central and Regional Emergency Medical Services centers with call centers. These centers will be responsible for maintenance, fueling, and dispatching ambulances as and when emergencies occur.

This will greatly help in improving timely access to medical care for our population.

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