Presidential Flagbearer for Democratic Change (FDC) party, Patrick Oboi Amuriat has been rushed to hospital after experiencing tropical rain flow of pepper spray in his face.

Amuriat was involved in a confrontation with police as he attempted to defy orders not to proceed to Tororo District for his presidential campaigns.

Tororo District is one of the 10 districts that was earmarked by the Electoral Commission (EC) as no go areas for campaigns due to their surging numbers of CoviD-19 cases.

However, Amuriat like his counterpart NUP’s Bobi Wine vowed to defy the directive and today he insisted he would proceed to Tororo.

Amuriat fighting for vision after being pepper sprayed. – Courtesy Photo

In the midst of the confrontation with security personnel, a good amount of Pepper Spray was directed to his face, causing a terrible irritation and need for medical advice.

Previously, Amuriat had resorted to applying baby Powder to his face as a means to reduce irritation from tear gas.

Quick Recovery Amuriat.

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