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Nigerian artistStanley Omar Didi alias Omah lay , Temilade Openyi alias Tems and his manager Benjamin Kabura from Nigeria , Ivan Ndungu ground manager together with 3 police officers Fabiano Juma, Bosco Ocaba and Bonny Odongo have been arrested nd detained at Katwe police station.

The Police claimed they were protecting the Concert venue as they were informed that this was just a dinner party that will host a few quest and will end in time as later on in the night money was collected and a thousands of people flooded the venue.

A number of Entertainers in Uganda got angry and communicsted to Police as the police got into the matter very fast.

Critics by Ugandan entertainers on this concert held on Saturday Night at Speke resort munyonyo says the conceet is against the Covid-19 guidelines, following Ministry of Health guidelines.

A lockdown was put by ministry of health uganda 8 months ago upon the Entertainment industry of Uganda.

The 9 arrested have been charged on trying to spread Covid-19 which is against the law in Uganda.

Meanwhile a one Nigerian comment surfaced saying Omah lay had not been arrested and he’s safe travelling back to Nigeria with his team.

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