Following the campaign program for National Unity Platform, presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi wine was supposed to campaign in the 3 districts of Lango of which Kole, Alebtong and Otuke are inclusive.

After leaving Kole for Alebtong and Otuke, the whole team was blocked at around 1pm until this hour of 5pm.

James Ekaju North Kyoga Police spokes person said that NUP presidential candidate can not go through town to reach his destinations when Hon. Nobert Mao, the democratic party presidential Candidate is in town.

Meanwhile Robert Kyagulanyi in an interview with him said this is the 27th district they are being blocked from reaching the voters.

Michael Adonyo, Spokesperson NUP said they booked hotels in lira and yet the Police has blocked both entry and exit for them to persuade their Destinations.

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