In a Campaign program lately, Jimmy who doubles as the Uganda People’s Congress, UPC party president was quoted advising the voters to vote for National Resistance Movement, NRM.

“You can not compete with a bis when you are traveling on the main road”, quoted Jimmy Akena.

This has left so many people wondering why of all he had to chose the Yellow flag.

Many people just had to confirm the rumours of a coalition that NRM ann UPC is said to have made for 2021 elections.

The question here comes about where the Woman Member of Parliament aspirant for Lira City Joy Atim will be leading when her own party president advised people to vote for NRM leaders.

Meanwhile on monday, Presidential Aspirant Gen. RTD Henry Tumukunde hit the face of the UPC Supporters against dwelling on low level Political positions and being happy with the few MPs they send to the Parliament.

“It’s so shameful to see the once glorified Party that was voted by almost all Ugandans hide in a corner and celebrate the small goals in shadows”, said Tumukunde.

Where is the Road leading for UPC come 2021? ..

Will they take the MP seats of Lira city like they did in the last election for Lira Municipality?

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