Tumbiza sound has become a very popular song since the lockdown was partially lifteed.

This song by Opoka Eric alias Eezzy is a plea to the government to reopen the entertainment industry since people involved in this sector are suffering.

The superstar has always emerged victorious with his hits during the Covid Break Through category of the year artist for his latest monster hit ”Tumbiza Sound” at Starqt Awards 2020.

The singer who is enjoying international recognition released his song in less than two months and has reaped from it barely.

Tumbiza Sound won after being voted the Covid Break Through song of the year at South Africa’s Starqt Awards 2020.

The awards ceremony was held at Garden Venue Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa on 28th November.

Mummy hitmaker has beaten up competitors like Publicity Nateete, Stone Age Uganda, and Mr. Frost who were all battling for the same accolade.

Meanwhile, the accolade becomes Eezzy’s first international award ever since he started paving his ways in the entertainment industry. 

Eezzy took to Facebook dedicating the award to his family ” Hey family, I would like to dedicate this award to you. It is been possible because of your loyalty, love, and support. Thank you so much for pushing me this far. God bless you all abundantly. #STARQTAWARDS,”