Denis Odora alias Mr Dee a reknown Love song bird from lango who recently joined Politics is tensed to make other moves for his success.

Odora is currently contesting for Member of Parliament, Maruzi County, Apac District under an independent flagship.

Odora in a Campaign Recently.

“It is a high time for the youth to come up and rise without considering the Party or Money but rather capabilities of a person”, says Odora.

He also advised his fellow politicians that they should not stand to abuse their rivals but rather share their agenda out with the Voter because Maruzi will remain and the insults created will bring enmity for generations. Politics is not ground for creating enmity but rather developing our constituencies, added Odora.

Odora criticised his counter rivals for using money which does not benefit the Voters but rather in the end, these Politicians never return back home to account for what they went for in Parliament.

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One thought on “Odora under pressure a head of 2021/2026 Polls”
  1. Denis is very right here ,the youth need to open there eyes and consider a leader that will bring change and development to them, actually a heart that seeks the peace and well being of others. #goodluck Denis Odora

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