Over the week we had this message foing around and after a keen look and pass through, we thought this might be of great help to our fans.

If you are a young entrepreneur, you can relate to this post. Often times young men and women will either import or buy an item at kamukunji, Whole sale Shops for resale with the hope of making a shilling or two.In the course of this hustle, you find yourself selling an iron box, a thermometer, a duvet, anything that you think will earn you a decent coin.

Often times a friend will call you, Ongom Apala how much is item X or Y and you tell them it’s 4,500. Then follows the annoying reply…” On Jumia it’s going for 4,300.” and in your heart you are like buy from Jumia.

But coz you wanna be meticulous, you offer to sell to them at 4,300 to “maintain ” the customer.

The guy goes ahead and orders from Jumia and even texts you that evening to say sorry. He bought from Jumia and it was delivered promptly…he goes ahead to add that “they are very professional “.

Two weeks later.

You wake up to find yourself in a WhatsApp fundraising group. Needless to mention, the guy who added you is the one who buys from JUMIA but he needs the money you make from other clients for a medical bill. Please have no qualms.

Send him the JUMIA customer care number coz they are “very prompt and professional “.Tell him to add that number to the WhatsApp group.


You see we are not being mean but let’s face it. If we promote one another, if we buy from each other, if we sell to each other, we shall uplift one another.

We shall put a shilling into the pockets of each other. When we have a need, it shall be easy to borrow from one another.

Don’t get us wrong am not saying dont buy from JUMIA, KUKI etc …..No No.. No…but if you know a friend who has what you need…Promote them atleast you can add their number to that fundraising group.

So let’s do business amongst ourselves. Let’s uplift ourselves. If you need anything, post it here first, buy from a comrade before buying from a stranger.What’s your view here???

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