“Congratulations and greetings from the People of Uganda.

The USA, with its big black population of 47.4 million people, as well as a large Christian population that is linked with us by faith, with deep thinking, could easily be a natural ally of Uganda and Africa.

The previous American Presidents have already started on positively using these linkages by putting in place the African Growth And Opportunity Act (AGOA) – a law that, since 18th May 2000, has been giving 6,500 types of African goods, quota-free, tax- free access to the USA market.

We salute this policy and hope that President Biden will maintain it. We, therefore, congratulate the American People on exercising their right by, massively, voting for the candidates of their choice: President Trump and Vice- President Biden.

We congratulate H.E. Biden for winning both the Popular vote and the Electoral College”.

Signed: Yoweri T. K. Museveni President of Uganda