The world health organization has said there is no evidence that shows Covid-19 dead persons can transmit this virus to persons.Lately the ministry of health opened up saying the government of Uganda is running low on its finances to facilitate the burial of succumbed persons to Covid-19 by trained personnels.”We did the send off of these succumbed bodies for 4 Months and when we asked the government to fund this innitiative, the government said there is not enough funding and here we have taken chances to give access and the the ministry has given the process to the families and relatives of the Covid 19 Deceased” said Irene Nakasita Uganda red cross spokesperson.In the start of the lockdown, the guy government directed professionally trained personnels to send off people succumbed to the Virus rather relatives to prevent infections.”We have finally discovered that Covid-19 deceased are not able to spread the Virus to the living persons according to a new discovery by the World health organization”, Said George Okentho in charge Burrying people succumbed to Covid-19.

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