Lango Wa Cup is an annual football competition that covers all the Twenty One (21) constituencies in Lango sub region. It is planned, organized and managed by Brazo Sports Events, a sports events venture fully registered with Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) and mandated with the authority to organize and manage sporting activities in any part of Uganda provided the activity is within the confines of the National Council of Sports.

During a press conference that gathered 11 Sports Journalist of Lango on Sunday 8th of November 2020 at Lira Town college, Opio Deo Oguti alias Brazilian the President of Brazo sports Events told press that the committee that is spearheading the tournament is ready to kick start Lango Waa Tournament with a green light response from the Federation of Uganda football Association, FUFA guidelines with reference to Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Opio Deo Ogut, alias Brazilian – President Brazo Sports Event

The Twenty One constituencies are; 1. Lira City West, 2. Lira City East, 3. Erute North, 4. Erute South, 5. Apac Municipality, 6.  Maruzi North, 7. Marizi South 8. Kwania West, 9. Kwania East, 10.Kole South, 11. Kole North, 12. Oyam South, 13. Oyam North, 14. Otuke East, 15. Otuke West, 16. Ajuri Constituency, 17. Moroto Constituency, 18, Dokolo North, 19. Dokolo South, 20. Kyoga North and 21. Kyoga South.

Brazilian told press that the main purpose of the tournament is to bring the youths, Adults, Business entities and many others together, and fighting stigma and discrimination of the HIV/AIDs infected persons in our Community.

He also continued and said that for a long time Lango has been losing it’s Cultural heritage and the game is aimed at bringing it by always involving the Lango Paramount Chief during the tournament.

When asked about the benefits that each participant footballer would get in end of the tournament, Brazilian together with his deputy Opio Richard a reknown professional coach said there is always an award gicen to the Winning teams and the Top Players of the Tournament and these comes at the end of the tournament.

“We are waiting for FUFA to give us the green light as per Covid-19 is concerned, but a few constituencies are not fully ready since there is demand for testing for Covid-19 by individual Player”, said Richard Opio.

Richard Opio continued and said Brazo Sports Event has T-Shirts being sold at UGX. 20.000 that had been branded for sale to the public and the aim is to raise more funds to the company spearheading the tournament.

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