I don’t know how to start this story here but I will try and bring something as you read through.

 Early last month I was contacted by my very concerned friends who turned sisters, unfortunately doesn’t live in Uganda. One of them seemed very worried and very concerned upon landing on my son’s picture on another man’s phone, which had been used on a daily basis as a Display Picture, DP and sometimes posted on WhatsApp status every now and then wondering about, in jubilations and pride about this young boy as being his son.


  This man had been doing it for a while not until my sister (names withheld for Investigative Purposes), decided to talk to a friend about the issue.

My sister was told that the boy she sees in the guy’s DP, status and profile is actually his son.

 Upon hearing this, she was in shock and took it upon herself to get to the bottom of it where she contacted the guy in question who confirmed to her that, that’s his beloved son.

 She was in total shock and speechless for the whole of that day but she never gave up, so the next day she called the guy and requested for a meeting which he granted.

 They met and she asked the guy again their relationship with the boy and the mother of which the man told her with audacity that this in question is his beloved son and that they are actually twins.

The boy is my son and they are twin, I love them so much that’s why this one appears on my status and DP almost everyday

My Sister asked to see the other twin and the gentleman showed her a very beautiful baby girl of which this mad my sister was dumbstruck with shock for a while then she asked the man again if he knew the mother.

For assurance, she wanted to know the real mother to these beautiful Children and to her dismay it was me he was talking about and only to realize that the guy knew me but not as the mother of my own son.

Lord have mercy, I can’t believe all my life I had been considered a house help, yes to be a house girl to my own son whom I carried for a whole nine month, Jesus is Lord………….

 Anyway let’s continue.

 So she asked to see the real mother of the boy and this man was kind enough to show her the lady whose pictures you see below who goes by the names Ejang Jennifer real names and Zainah Hawongo Facebook user name.

The man’s wife who claimed my son

“Ssebo sorry but I am going to break your heart and disappoint you but you have to remain strong and calm”, my sister told the Man.

 The man could hardly understand what my sister was driving to and asked what my sister was talking about.

 She then with much pain broke the news to this gentleman and told him sorry sir, but this boy is not your son, this is my friend’s son who over time became my sister and she is called Peace Among who happens to be a famous and re-known artist in Northern Uganda as Akira.


 To cut the story short the guy refused to believe and instead requested to talk to me so my sister gave him all my contacts including my social media handles.

The man contacted me and we talked at length.  Have you ever seen a man breaking down?

 Well I guess Men will understand, he cried but even then refused to believe me saying Jennifer told him I was her maid and that I am the one looking after his children while in Kampala of which I told him he was living in a very big fat lie.

 He couldn’t talk anymore of which he hanged up only to call me again the next day and told me he is going to send people to arrest me and take me to jail for taking away his son.

 I asked him why but he told me that he already contacted some people he knows here in Uganda including the police to find me, saying they should take his son away from me forcefully.

I told him to show me a picture of his son and he sent me Liam’s picture claiming that, that’s his son and the child is now 3years.

 Indeed that was Liam and the picture was taken while he was only 3years at the time as I told him the boy in question is now 7years old and going to Primary Two.

He continued insisting that, that’s his son and that he has been providing for everything for the past 3 years, Sending money to Jennifer Ejang for upkeep and feeding.

You people this guy is running mad and wants to take my Ethan instead, remember Ethan looks exactly like Liam when he was 3 years and remember Ethan is also 3 years old now, same age Liam was at the time that picture was taken.

Ethan at 3 Now, Looking Like Liam

So I had to talk to my lawyer and got the police involved. I have to find this wicked woman at all cost because my son’s life is at risk of being kidnapped and taken to Kenya.

So my Facebook Friends, in-laws, Fans, well-wishers and judges out there, that’s my Situation right Now.

Expose such people in our Community, Keep our Children safe.

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