It’s been an overnight since Oceng Rock alias Rock Mc/Mc Rock had been taken to Court for a suspected Brutality of workers under a Bar investor identified as Okema, the owner of Capital Pub Lira.

Talking to Okema who said Rock failed to report for Police bone in an arrest last year and this is the reasons why he was re arrested after spearheading the illegal Evictions and assaults…

Okema said his Land lord used hired goons in which Mc Rock was inclusive to throw out his Pool properties including the chairs that were at Jinja camp roadside leading to a lot of destructions.

“The case at hand is beyond my limits and the other time I said if Rock is to get a bail, it needs a genuine person with a National ID and ready to stand by Rock in Court”, Okema lamented.

When asked on who is seuing Rock in a phone call made by Okeng Ali, alias Chemical Man, Okema could not respond to that but rather said Rock is not alone and has to be in Court as demanded by law since he already breached the Bail.

More about this story will be coming through after he Artists’ meeting that is scheduled for 4Pm today 27th.October .2020.

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