The Bishop of Lira Diocese, Lino Wanok, has called for calm after several priests tested positive for COVID-19 ahead of the unveiling of the refurbished cathedral.
From results released by the Ministry of Health on Monday, over five priests and seminarians from Lira Catholic diocese tested positive for COVID-19. They also included a case from the office of the resident district commissioner.

A source said up to eight priests, two seminarians and many journalists of Radio Wa, a Catholic Church-owned radio station, tested positive, but most of them are asymptomatic.

The positive cases include people who were expected to attend a ceremony today at which President Yoweri Museveni officiate.

The President is expected to commission the construction of the Rwenkunye-ApacLira- Acholibur road. He will also attend the opening of the 1,200-seat Lira Cathedral, which was expanded and renovated at a cost of sh1.1b.

The President in 2018 contributed sh400m towards the project.

Patrick Rolex Akena, the spokesperson of the golden jubilee celebrations for Lira Diocese, said the priests who tested positive have been taken for treatment in Ngetta, adding that there is no cause for alarm.
“It is a normal thing now because the community infection cases are very high, and the priests meet many people,” the Lira Diocese bishop said.

Wanok said the priests are being treated and within days they will be back in their parishes to serve the people.

The bishop urged people to always observe the COVID-19 preventive measures to minimise the spread of the virus.

He noted that the rate of infections is high in the community and until one tests, it is difficult to know their status.

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