An ambulance rushing an expectant mother to hospital Saturday evening lost control while dodging a cyclist and knocked four people killing three and the one injured is said to be in serious condition.

Sources said the ambulance from Pope John Hospital Aber was rushing an expectant mother to the hospital when the driver lost control while dodging a cyclist.

A source said one person died on the spot, another on arrival at the hospital and another, a juvenile died hours later and the fourth, a woman is said to be in serious condition and all are close relatives.

The incident happened at corner Atapara trading center in Aber sub county, Oyam district on the road to Pope John Hospital Aber at around 7:30pm.

George Opio the father of two of the victims who were admitted to Pope John hospital Aber said his daughter Hida Alobo, 13, passed away at around 4:00am and Nancy Acir, 25, a daughter in law is still hospitalized in serious condition.

He said the victims were going to buy drug and sugar at corner Atapara when the accident occurred.

His son Job Omara whose daughter Blessing Angwec died on the spot said his sister Alobo was stung by wasp and they were going to buy medicine when his wife Nancy ask to join them.

George Opio said he saw the ambulance lost control and went off the road and knocked the victims.

The victims are all close relatives and residents of Awelo-Mak-Kweri village in Akaka parish, Aber Sub County, Oyam district

The Oyam district traffic officer Sirvasco Apollo who was at the scene few minutes after the accident identified the deceased as Nighty Ayugi, 20,  Bless Angwc, two year and four months and Hida Alobo, 13, who succumbed to her injuries at around 4am on Sunday .

Eye witnesses said the driver of the Land cruiser ambulance
registration number UAT 495X lost control while dodging a motorcycle rider and knocked the four people on the side of the road.

Residents of the area who witnessed the incident attributed it to over speeding and recklessness by driven Lamerk Apea.

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