A one heartless father in Lira district has been thrown behind police bars for brutally stabbing his own biological son on the throat to death.

45yr old Alfonse Okwir, a resident of Abongo-rwot village, Abongo-rwot parish, Agali Sub-county angrily knifed his 22year old son identified as Ceaser Eran while fighting over a mobile money paycheck on a phone.

Preliminary reports indicate that both father and son worked as casual laborers in and were expecting a 7,000 shillings payment through mobile money as it came through the father’s phone.

Reports indicate that Afonse suggested to his son that they withdraw the money in the morning since it was already late but Eran refused and tried to grab the phone off his father’s hands.

In the process an angered Alfonse picked a kitchen knife and stabbed his son, killing him on spot.

James Ekaju, the North Kyoga Police spokesperson confirmed the incident saying one person; father to the deceased has been arrested and charged with murder.

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